Dreaded Path photographing Blæst for Browns in the UK

BLÆST for Browns, by Dreaded Path

Along the rugged coastline of Scotland, the landscape is shaped by the forces of nature. Still, it offers unspoilt nature and hidden gems worth exploring, regardless of the weather conditions. Therefore, we teamed up with Dreaded Path and sent them on an adventure off the beaten path to test some of our SS23 styles.

We are very grateful to have Browns as a retailer in the UK, and when they wanted to see BLÆST in an environment that might spark a sense of adventure in their customers, we contacted Dreaded Path.

As a creative studio we’ve worked with before, they know our products and where Brits might venture to explore the outdoors. This spring, they traveled to a hidden cove on the coast of Scotland near the village of Hopeman.

According to Dreaded Path, Clashach Cove is “a paradise for those seeking adventure and a sense of wonder.” And they believe it’s the perfect place to test and showcase BLÆST.

“If you were to visit Clashach Cove on a typical day, you would likely experience a mixture of sunshine, wind, and rain, all at the same hour. BLÆST’s rainwear is ideal for such an environment, keeping you dry and comfortable no matter the weather. BLÆST’s rainwear is the perfect companion for anyone seeking to experience the raw natural beauty of the Scottish coast,” Dreaded Path says.

The result of this adventure? A photo series showcasing various BLÆST styles in their right element. See below.

Photographer: Andy Foote
Art Director/Stylist: Joshua Murray
Assistant: Thomas Lindie
Model: Frankie Ralph

About Browns

When Browns first opened their doors in 1970, it was UK’s first multi-brand luxury boutique. Since then, they’ve continued to be a leader in fashion.

Their flagship store was located at South Molton Street in London for 50 years, before being moved to Brook Street in Mayfair in 2020.

About Dreaded Path

Working to create stories rooted in the outdoors, Dreaded Path is a creative studio that delivers everything from content creation and strategy to communication and research.

This is not the first time they style BLÆST, as they travelled to the Falls of Feugh to test some of BLÆSTs product in 2022. You can read all about it on Dreaded Path’s website.

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

Look 4

Woman wearing Bergen poncho in Dusty Green from Blæst


From walking to work and playing with the kids in a park to hiking adventures, city strolls, and festivals – an active lifestyle requires comfortable clothes that suit your style and body type.

Therefore, our SS23 collection includes utility-style clothing, comfortable fits, and several unisex products.