How to style Giske RS loose from Blæst

How to style: Giske RS loose

Over the past few years, the popularity of cargo trousers has soared to newfound heights, becoming the go-to bottoms for outdoor enthusiasts and style-savvy individuals alike. But how do you style them? Ali George Hinkins chatted with Leah De La Hunty and Advanced Rock, and here they share their best tips. 

Putting its own signature technical spin on the iconic style, BLÆST has introduced the Giske pant and Giske RS loose. The Ålesund-based label has interpreted the design brief in its own manner and, inspired by the harsh Norwegian weather condition, has a greater consideration for functionality and purposeful design.

The cargo pants are two highly versatile pairs of trousers that can be worn all year round in any given situation. You can wear them at work, when hiking, or as you embark on adventures into the unknown. But when the pants are so flexible, how do you style them?

Here, Leah De La Hunty and Advanced Rock share their best styling tips and show how they would integrate Giske RS loose into their spring/summer wardrobe.

Leah De La Hunty

Based in West Yorkshire, England, Leah De La Hunty spends a lot of time in the great outdoors; whether she is camping, hiking, or running, her adventures know no bounds. With a strong interest in everyday technical clothing, Leah incorporates it into her daily life and outdoor escapades.

What are your initial thoughts on the pants?

The quality of the trousers stood out to me. They felt sturdy, well-made, and lightweight, and they’re both moisture-wicking and quick-drying. This allows for better comfort and performance.

One of my favorite features was the adjustable hems, as they allowed for a personalized fit for the option to customize the pants’ length and tightness depending on how I style them, giving them different looks.

I felt instantly that these pants would be reliable, comfortable, and practical, with many pockets for tools and gadgets. They also look aesthetically pleasing.

I also really liked the buckle-fastening belt. I haven’t seen a buckle just like that, and I can imagine in colder weather, when hiking and camping, it’s really easy to use with cold hands by just pulling on the buckle to release it.

Why did you choose this pair?

I opted for the Giske RS loose because they offer a more relaxed and casual aesthetic, making them versatile for various settings – from hiking to chilling. The loose-fit cargo pants provided more freedom of movement and allowed for better airflow, which enhanced my overall comfort, especially when wearing them hiking or camping. The relaxed fit can prevent restriction and chafing, allowing for greater ease of movement, which I find is often an issue in unisex trousers – but not with these.

How do you style the pants?

Because of the selected color, relaxed fit, and ability to customize the pants, I felt these to be so versatile and easy to integrate into my personal style.

I styled the pants with a plain black Arc’teryx tee with a white logo design, a Nike bucket hat, and my Tor Ultra Low HOKA X JL-AL sneakers. My style features a more muted color palette, but I liked that the versatility of the pants allowed me to bring in color in layers or accessories.

I have also styled the pants with crop tops for a breezier summer look and shell jackets for any wet weather. The pants look great with more or less anything I have tried them with – they are my go-to trousers now!

Given their versatility, how would you adapt your outfit when transitioning from work to post-work activities or from street to trail?

Honestly, my style doesn’t change much from the street to the trail. I opt for technical, functional clothing and footwear in my day-to-day styling because I like the aesthetic and how practical/comfortable the clothes are. I guess the only thing I would change would be my footwear, as I’d change from sneakers to hiking shoes.

Choosing to wear the pants loose at the bottom for day-to-day styling allows for a more relaxed and casual look, which aligns with my style preference. This styling choice can provide additional airflow and a slightly different aesthetic than a pulled hem.

On the other hand, pulling in the hem is a practical adjustment when camping or in situations where you want to keep the breeze from making your legs cold. It allows me to secure the pants around my ankles, preventing drafts from entering and keeping me warmer in cooler weather conditions or the evenings.

Advanced Rock

Through his Instagram account Advanced Rock, freelance photographer and outdoor enthusiast Liam Furneaux regularly shares content with his 31,500 followers. Earlier this year, he brought BLÆST to the streets of Bristol for an SS23 shoot, and now he’s tested the cargo pants on a camping trip.

What are your initial thoughts on them?

What stands out the most for me is the cut and design of the trousers. It’s rare to find wider-fitting trousers that are compatible with day-to-day wear, as well as waterproof and ready to wear in the mountains.

Why did you choose this pair?

I opted for the Giske RS loose because of the cut, to be honest. I like to wear wider trousers in my daily life for comfort, so it was an easy choice when I saw them.

How do you style the Giske pant?

On this particular day, I was camping in South Wales, so wearing a mix of outdoor gear and more relaxed clothing was nice. They fit my style well because of the design and how minimal they are.

Given their versatility, how would you adapt your outfit when transitioning from work to post-work activities, or from street to trail?

I think it would be as simple as changing my top to something more suited to the trail, and that’s it. You can easily wear these pants all day while in the city, and you don’t have to think about changing too much when heading to the trails.

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