Navigating the Autumnal Landscape with BLÆSTs Transitional Technical Garments

As experts in technical garment design, BLÆST has made significant refinements to its seasonal offering to guarantee that our customers acclimate to the impending weather changes. 

No matter what season we find ourselves immersed in, there is a constant need for year-round protection against the ensuing elements. Ensuring that we are shielded from inclement weather is by no means some new-found realisation by modern man, instead, the first examples of weather-proofing garments, specifically in a waterproofing sense, date back hundreds of years. For a very brief and concise history of staying dry, the forefather of technical clothing, Charles Macintosh crafted the first ‘Mac’ coat in 1823 using natural rubber sandwiched between two layers of fabric. The result: the archetypal waterproof garment, a lasting reminder to those who, like us at BLÆST, continue to forge their own path in the landscape of technical garment design.

Transitioning between the seasons can seem like a daunting task but when you’re tooled with some of the styles from BLÆST’s Autumn ‘22 collection, there’s no need to think twice about whether you’ll be safe or not. Situated on the West Coast of Norway amidst mountainous peaks, glaciers and deep coastal fjords, BLÆST approaches its Autumn ‘22 collection informed by the polarising environments surrounding it. Living in a built-up area like Ålesund, BLÆST’s birthplace, each design accounts for consumers' needs for a wardrobe that can function as adequately in an urban and outdoor setting without comprising on aesthetic value. 

The garments that comprise Autumn ‘22 have been designed to ease the transition into the current season by the careful and considered use of fabric technologies such as PFC-free DWR treatings, lightweight PRIMALOFT® BIO™ insulation and 3L Care-Tech Pro, to name but a few. When you think of Autumnal weather, what kind of garments immediately come to your mind - how about lightweight insulator jackets, waterproof shell coats and coordinating bottoms? There is a number of key styles that come to define the Autumn collection including the following: Sæbø, Stranda, Juvet, Stordal and Spitsbergen, among others that we’ll be sure to get into.

Designed and conceived in between Covid-19-related restrictions, the majority of the team took to the outdoors for respite, seeking refuge away from their day-to-day activities and being inspired by the dispiriting conditions found in everchanging urban and rural settings. If we take a closer look at the Helleren Jacket, for example, a sturdy piece of outerwear that incorporates 3L Care-RS Pro technology, it has been designed to accommodate dreary and wet conditions, as well as drier and sometimes warm and blustery weather that epitomises early Autumn into Winter. Made using a 100% recycled polyester material with seam taping throughout, it is one of the leading technical styles in the collection.

Speaking to a number of the team members from BLÆST, each of them has chosen one, or a handful, of styles from the collection and explained how they function in conjunction with one. For example, Stefan, the Global Sales & Creative Manager, picked out the Helleren Jacket, Emblem Vest and Urke Utility Pant and outlined their uses in rainy, cold and windy conditions. 

Model dressed in Stranda jacket in the color black from Blæst

“The changing weather patterns in Ålesund require products with purpose which is why you need a warm, waterproof and comfy jacket in your wardrobe. This year, my favourite piece in the Blæst collection is the Stranda down coat; it is so comfortable, light, and soft, and protects you in any weather condition. I tested out the prototype last year throughout the Autumn and Winter season and lived in it.

The long jacket is great when you need extra warmth over your legs, and the side zips are great to use when you need to make it bigger at the bottom.”

Åslaug Bjørnevik Istad - Head of Design


Man wearing Emblem vest and Giske pant by Blæst


“Living in a city with nature literally on my doorstep, the need for flexible clothing has definitely influenced my wardrobe. The changing weather and such is a constant thing here. Layer upon layer has become a daily thing for me and being prepared for what is to come also defines my favourites in the collection, including the following: the Helleren Jacket is easy enough to wear on a fresh Autumn day, both with or without rain. If it happens to get cold, it is always handy to have a piece that can be easily packed and put on if you are exposed to a bit of wind or cold: the Emblem Vest takes care of this. Since then, I have already moved into the Urke Utility Pant made with Primaloft Gold insulation which is also very convenient. All your needs are quickly covered in terms of both style and weather.”

Stefan Ferdinand Vågnes - Global Sales & Creative Manager


Man dressed in Emblem jacket and Klipra pant from Blæst


“From our Autumn collection this year, I think the Emblem Jacket is one of my favourites; it is a great everyday jacket, and it’s not too thick, so you still have great options for layering. Personally, I wear it one size up for a looser fit to go better with my style and layering. For those days I really want to get comfy and feel like wearing my duvet, my pick would be the Spitsbergen - it’s just a big wearable down blanket that’s fun and stylish. It gives me that nostalgic feeling of curling up in my duvet and watching TV with a cup of hot chocolate during winter. I’ve also been using the pillow bag every day to work for many months now.” 

Andreas Hollingsæter Lystad - Junior Designer

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