Person wearing jacket and trousers from BLÆST

Along the varied majestic coastline of Norway, Blæst was founded in 2005 in the city of Aalesund. On the 62nd paralell north, Aalesund is a place close to nature with deep fjords and steep overhanging mountains. As the terrain is rugged and dramatic, so too is the climate. Changing weather is the norm here, so Aalesund is home to some of the toughest conditions you will ever find in a city. It is from these conditions that Blæst makes its products. In an everyday life where the elements are in control, you must learn how to accept nature’s elements in order to live the life you want. Flexibility is the key. That is why we use the phrase «flexible as the lives we live."

Cargo pants from BLÆST

Where others will tell you that they design products with purpose. We want you to experience that Blæst is a designed product that fills your life with purpose. In this way, our products are filled with a purpose shaped by each individual's lifestyle and needs.

- Made to be used anytime, anywhere